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Color It! will NOT run under Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later systems.



Sadly, the day has come.

With the announcement today (June 22, 2020) that all future Macintosh computers will run on an entirely new processor, ARM-based chips designed by Apple, it’s the final nail in the coffin for continued development for Color It!®. Ever since Apple decided to stop supporting their own translator utility we have made every effort to support the constantly changing requirements they have imposed. Some sections of our new code have had to be re-written so many times to deal with all this we have lost count.

The Covid-19 situation and all the adjustments that required made the process of keeping up even more difficult. The change to a totally new processor chip and the substantial software modifications that requires puts an end to our efforts.

There are many fine image editing programs for the Mac—even Apple’s own Photos program now offers some pretty amazing capabilities. While nothing will ever have the ease-of-use or the wide-ranging capabilties that our Color It! customers know and love, there are programs that can accomplish much the same, owned by much larger firms with more resources.

It’s been an incredible ride. Thank you all for your enthusiasm and support over all the decades!

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